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Global Studies Diploma

Providence Day was the first school in the nation to create the Global Studies Diploma for Upper School students and remains a leader in defining global education in the United States.

The mission of the Global Studies Diploma is to develop within our students an ability to appreciate and value differences locally and globally and to develop the understanding, skills, and character dispositions to become active global citizens.

Students begin the program in the 9th grade. In their educational and experiential journey, they will learn to:

  • Understand there are commonalities connecting all cultures
  • Appreciate new knowledge systems or ways of thinking about the world
  • Demonstrate high proficiency in a spoken world language
  • Understand and promote the value of living in a way in which the planet can sustain itself
  • Understand the interconnectedness of causal factors and the complexity of global issues
  • Demonstrate an active empathy that moves beyond mere tolerance of the wider world to true engagement with the world
  • Develop a genuine concern for world problems and a commitment to finding solutions

To receive the Global Studies Diploma, students must complete the following: 

  • A set of global courses (which also count toward the PD diploma)
  • A World Language through all four years in upper school, complete at least through level four of that language.
  • Local and global co-curricular experiences
  • An online portfolio that contains artifacts and reflections that demonstrate a student's GSD journey

Global knowledge, skills, and character dispositions will serve our students by preparing them for college, employment, and life choices. 

“At Providence Day School we emphasize a global mindset. In all of my classes, there is a global perspective from all of the teachers, even in science or math. There is a sense of globalism within our community that is really beneficial.”
– Kayla Furney,  Class of 2020